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Responsive & Bootstrap Training Course in Kolkata


The W3C “Responsive web Design” course leads you step by step through associate approach that focuses on HTML and CSS to create your website in all viewport sizes. These are the fundamentals you need to understand in the most logic and efficient way what responsive design is about and how to create responsive designs that work.

Career Option: Bootstrap Designer, Bootstrap Framework Expertise, Web Engineer.

Course Duration

  • Course Duration: 2 months.

Eligibility Criteria

Graduate / Prior experience in Web Design

Course Speciality

Live Hands-on Projects and Assignments

Course Details

Module 1: Viewport, media queries and responsive layout

We cover a lot of ground this module since we begin with the techniques that allow you to 1) set the viewport and 2) add totally different designs for various conditions, followed by what this implies for layout.

In the assignment, you’ll be asked to form a responsive layout.

Module 2: Responsive pictures, navigation and typography

Small images that do well on small mobile viewports will remain unnoticed on wide desktop screens, while large images that are in good balance on a desktop screen won’t fit on small screens. And how to make the menu that does so well on desktop fit on a small screen? How to find the right font size, line height and length to keep the user reading on different viewport widths?

The assignment continues on your earlier work from Module 1.

Module 3: Responsive tables, forms and video

Other possible elements of a responsive design are tables, forms and video. Tables will most probably need a certain width – regardless if that width is available. And then there are also forms and video to consider.

You will continue with the assignment and add a responsive table, type and video.

Module 4: Bootstrap Implementation

  • Customize Bootstrap
  • Comprehend the Carousel
  • Comprehend the Typeahead
  • Comprehend the Model
  • Comprehend the Bootstrap File Structure
  • Comprehend the Default Grid System
  • Comprehend the Fluid Grid System
  • Comprehend the Responsive Design
  • Comprehend the Dropdown Menus
  • Comprehend the Button Groups
  • Comprehend the Navbar, Breadcrumbs, Pagination, Labels, and Badges
  • Comprehend the Typographic Elements, Thumbnails, Alerts and Progress Bars
  • Comprehend the Media Object, Typography, and Tables
  • Comprehend the Forms
  • Comprehend the Button
  • Comprehend the Images
  • Comprehend the Icons