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Career Option in Web Design & Digital Marketing after Graduation

It doesn’t matter whatever your stream in graduation. You can get the attractive job in IT industry by doing job-oriented certification course. huge job opportunities along with all growth of prospects for aspirants in IT industry. Training on Web Design, Digital Marketing, Web Development, Mobile application etc. by which you can build bright career in future.

The unemployment rate is higher for young generation in day by day. The desired job which you are hoping after completion your graduation degree, these might not be there. Some of you may have engineering degree but they are not getting right job. Some of you can’t choose the right career path. These kind of job problem are most commonly faced dilemmas. Don’t worry. Here we discussed the best career option after completion graduation in difficult job market.

Few years ago, there were no option to work in IT industry rather than pursuing any degree/PGDCA course. So someone who was interested to work in IT industry, they had not get any chance to work in IT except pursuing degree. They were not make their desired career at that point of time.

But now-a-days, The situation has been changed. Today in technology era, it doesn’t matter whatever your stream in graduation. You can get attractive job in IT industry after completion graduation in any stream. There are various short-term certificate job-oriented course in Web design, Web Development, Digital Marketing and Mobile Application training which will rise vast job opportunities.

Before you choose the best career option after completion graduation , you need to know the growth prospects, availability of jobs, work requirements etc of that field. There are short term job-oriented courses i.e. Web Design, Digital Marketing, Web Development, Mobile Applications etc by which you can build the bright career in future with respect of growth prospective and job availability. Web conducts the every business globally. online presence on web plays significant role for every business. So it has huge demand in competitive market. Have a look the list of courses to make right career option.

Web Design

Web design is a process of planning and creation perfectly through some discipline in procedures and website structure. It encompasses a wide variety of tasks. It includes client requirement analysis, information architecture, user interface, site structure, layout creation, conversion from UX/UL tools to HTML etc. There are many web design training institutes in Kolkata. You will choose the institute where you will get best facility to learn. If you want to take basic web design training, you will gone through Professional Web Design Training Course in Kolkata. It covers basic web design concept i.e. basic layout concept, color theory, webpage coding using HTML/CSS, PSD to HTML conversion of web template using Div formats and CSS, basics of Java Script and form validation, basics of JQuery etc. After completion the certification course you will enable to join in IT company as Web Designer, UI Designer, UX Designer. If you want to learn from basic to advance technology in web design, you must go for Advance Web Design Training Course in Kolkata. This course structure has been designed from basic layer concept, basic of Java Script, JQuery to Responsive and Bootstrap concept. There are many career option in Advance Web Design Training course. After completion this course one can join as Web Design Team Leader, Web Design Analyst, UX/UI Developer in IT company. Even this course can be effective for an entrepreneurs. After doing this course they can build and manage their own website. A experienced Professional Web designer who have vast knowledge in web designing but they have not knowledge in advance web design technologies like Responsive and Bootstrap, they would gone through Responsive & Bootstrap Training Course in Kolkata. This course covers responsive and bootstrap techniques and implementation. Responsive web design changes the appearance of a website dynamically, depending on the screen size of the device like laptops, Smartphone etc. and bootstrap is popular web framework for developing mobile first projects on the web. It makes web development faster and easier. After completion this course you will build your career as Bootstrap Designer, Bootstrap Framework Expertise, Web Engineer.

“When you join the training institute for Web Design Training Courses, you must aware the facilities of LIVE PROJECT TRAINING”

Digital Marketing

Online presence on web plays important role for every business in the competitive market. Digital marketing is such field which is rising huge opportunity of digital marketing jobs. Digital Marketing is most important strategy in marketing anymore. So every organization needs to improve online presence in search engine and bring success in your business. So it has huge demand in competitive market. There are many digital marketing training institutes in Kolkata. But you must aware the extra facilities in digital marketing training of institutes before join the course. If you want to take basic SEO training, you will gone through Organic SEO Training Program in Kolkata. Here the course is covered from organic SEO strategies, on page and off page, local business optimization, SMM to Google Analytics concepts. In this course module you will get vast knowledge of organic SEO strategy. After completion the course you will join as SEO Executive, SEO Analyst in IT company. If you take from basic to advance SEO techniques, you would gone through Advance SEO training in Kolkata. This Advance SEO training course module is structured including organic SEO technique, onpage & offpage optimization, Google Adwords and Social Media Marketing like Facebook Marketing, Twitter Marketing, LinkedIn Marketing, paid tools for SEO campaign etc. You can get enormous knowledge about how to display ad in search engine, social media profile, set up of paid campaign tool etc. After completion this SEO training program you can join as SEO Specialist, SEO Analyst, Digital Marketing Specialist, Online Marketing Consultant in a company. After completion the course module you will get the opportunity of Google certification. The experienced SEO professionals who does not have enough knowledge about Google/Facebook Ad , they can join Google/Facebook Ad Training Program. After completion the course you can get Google certification program. After completion the SEO program you can get many career option like SEO Specialist, Digital Marketing Specialist, Online Marketing Consultant.

“When you join The training institute for Digital Marketing Training Courses, you must aware the facilities of GOOGLE CERTIFICATION ”

Web Development

Web development broadly refers to developing and an maintaining websites for hosting. It is basically coding which enables the functionally of the site. You can take web development training in open source language like PHP, Python etc and JAVA. There are a huge work opportunities across India in opensource based projects. Now PHP is becoming most popular open source language. Before doing web development training course you must have programming knowledge in any language. If you want to take Web development training in basic PHP, you can go for Professional PHP Training in Kolkata. This course modules covers HTML concept with PHP programming. After completion this certification course you can join as PHP Developer or Web Developer in IT company. If you want to take basic to Advance technology in PHP you will gone though Advance PHP Training in Kolkata. This course module covers core PHP programming to wordpress , Ecommerce site development, Shopping Cart, Payment Gateway Integration etc. Here the job-oriented course module is designed in such way which will enriched the programming knowledge of students and they can perform their work successfully after completion this course. After completion this training program they have lot of career option like Web programmer , Web Developer Expert, Web Manager, Web Consultant , Senior Programmer, Programmer Analyst, Software Developer etc. The experienced Web developer who have not sufficient knowledge in Ecommerce site development or payment gateway integration , they can take expert-led training course in Kolkata. It covers ecommerce module, Shopping Cart, payment gateway integration, Introduction to PHP Framework –CodeIgniter, Yii, Laravel etc. There are lot of career option doing this course like Web Consultant, Web Manager, Senior programmer analyst and many more. Apart from that, there are immense career option in IT industry after doing certification course in Magento, Python, .NET and JAVA Development Training.

“When you join The training institute for Web Development Training Courses, you must aware the facilities to work in “ LIVE PROJECT TRAINING”

Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development is a process by which application software is developed for mobile devices. Now-a-days, there are immense job opportunities in mobile application development. You can learn in mobile application form training institute. There are many mobile application training institute in Kolkata. But before joining mobile application development training program , you must have knowledge in JAVA programming. If you can take Android Training Courses in Kolkata

If you want to take mobile application development training in android, you will go for Android Training Courses in Kolkata. This course modules cover Android architecture, Android Application Fundamentals, User Interface, Data Storage, Android Media API etc. You will get vast knowledge about android application development. You will build bright career after completion this certification course. Today it has enormous career option in mobile application development like Mobile Engineer in Android, Android Developer, Mobile Platform Developer, Senior Mobile Application Developer etc.

How you will decide what you want to do after graduation? It depends on your interest and job scope in the competitive job market. These career options are being taken in maximum number of aspirants across India. These career options have huge job opportunity in worldwide in tough job-market. Here in this article, we have tried to enlist the best possible career options for you after graduation in IT. If you have any queries about job-oriented course in IT or training institute you can contact us at info@awtim.com / info.awtim@gmail.com or call us at 8013510101 / 8961235337

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