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SEO Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers

  • What is SEO?
    Answer – It is the method of changing the rank of a web page or a website in the search results of a search engine.
  • What are the Types of SEO?
    Answer – There are mainly two types of SEO are present: On Page Optimization and Off Page Optimization.
  • What is Off Page Optimization?
    Answer – Off Page Optimization is a type of SEO which is not regulated by your page coding. Link building, Image Sharing, Blog posting, Document Sharing, Info graphics submission, Video Sharing, Increasing Page Authority or Page Rank, Getting high quality links from relevant sites and Article submission are the few examples of Off-page optimization.
  • What is On Page Optimization?
    Answer – On-page optimization gives outcome to a web page or website ranking on Search Engine Results Page. This will regulate your webpage by page coding or by you.
  • What are the SEO Techniques available?
    Answer – Two SEO Techniques are: White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO which is also called as Negative SEO.
  • What are organic results?
    Answer – Organic results are the page views which come directly via SERP and not from any Off Page Optimization.
  • What is a keyword?
    Answer – Keyword is a particular term used for searching through Search Engines like Google in order to get outcomes related to your searched question.
  • What is Keyword Density?
    Answer – It is a very important factor to increase your webpage ranking. Keyword density is the percentage density of a particular phrase or keyword available on a website compared to the total number of words on the particular page.
  • What is Anchor Text?
    Answer – Anchor text is also known as link text or link label or link title, which is a clickable hyperlink. This is used to increase your webpage ranking by receiving the incoming links after clicking the contained keyword.
  • What is a Meta Tag?
    Answer – You can observe many Meta tags being used in HTML coding, but the important ones are the four Meta tags. They are: Meta Title, Meta Keywords, Meta Description and Robot tags.
  • What are the limitations of title and description tags?
    Answer – Title tag can be normally between 50-68 characters and Meta description tag can be around 140 – 150 characters.
  • What is an out bound Link?
    Answer – An outgoing link or outbound-link is a link from your own webpage or website to another webpage or website.
  • What is a Back link?
    Answer – Back links are the incoming links to your webpage or website and getting these back links from good PR and relevant site is always better for your site.
  • What is 301 redirect?
    Answer – It is a kind of process to redirect the user from an old page URL to a new page URL.
  • What is robots.txt?
    Answer – It is a kind of text file utilized to provide the instructions to the crawlers about the caching and indexing of a website, directory, domain or a file of a webpage.
  • What are webmaster tools?
    Answer – It is a free service provided by the Google to get the information about the indexing data, backlinks, search queries, crawl problems, malware complaints and XML site map.
  • What do you mean by Page Rank or PR?
    Answer – For every web page, Google will give a rank, which is called as Page rank. Normally page rank ranges from 0 – 10. Google Web Search Engine algorithm is responsible for calculating the page rank of every web page.
  • What tools do you use for doing SEO?
    Answer – Most common tools used in SEO are: Google Analytics, Google webmaster tools, Alexa, Open site explorer and Website grader. Nowadays you can also find some paid SEO tools like spydermate, seo Moz and bulkdachecker in market.
  • What is Google Sandbox?
    Answer – This is the place where the fresh and less authoritative sites were kept for a certain time period, till their establishment in the search results. This may happens due to the building of so many links within a short time span.
  • What is Google bot?
    Answer – Googlebot is a kind of software used by the Google as a search bot to index a webpage. This software collects the information from every webpage by doing the crawling, caching and then indexing of a webpage.
  • What are the signs of overall good performance of website which search engine loves?
    Answers – Returning visitors, good conversion rate and click through rate and socially share or not.
  • What are the difference between SEO and SEM ?
    Answer –
    A – SEO – Improving rank of web pages naturally for a keyword.
    B – SEM – When we buy paid traffic or paid listing in any search engine.
  • Which are popular websites you will use for social media optimization?
    Answer – Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram, You tube etc.
  • What are the seo activities list you will do if i give you new website for optimization?
    Answer – I will perform all the must have activities like:
    A – Keyword research to find search term with low competition and high traffic keywords.
    B – On page optimization of our found on our web pages to make them search friendly.
    C – I will create quality back links or link building for off page optimization.
    D – I will do social media optimization to improve social signals and getting social media traffic
  • What are some external but important factors which affects ranking?
    Answer – These factors are bounce rate, page views per visit, time spent on the site and returning visitors.
  • What content strategy you will apply to add more quality in your website?
    Answers – Content must have quality information, good structured and properly inter linked from related pages and use of eye catching images for grabbing attention.
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