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Best Short Term Computer Courses in Kolkata after Class X / Class XII Board Exam

After completion class X & class XII board examinations, students will have almost 2 months leisure period before the declaration of result. So they can utilize this time period by learning the effective Best short term computer courses.

Academy of Web Technologies & Information Management (AWTIM) is the leading Web & IT training Institute, based in Kolkata, is offering these best short-term training courses. It provides best quality training and it’s experienced faculty provide industry oriented training. So after board examination in class X or class XII , don’t waste your free-time. You will get admission to select you best career option.

Now-a-days, Everyone knows that now computer plays vital role in modern professional world.. So having the basic knowledge of computer application is necessary for every stream in higher education and it will enhance the skill set which students may apply their career option of their future.

There are best 5(Five) short term computer courses which is necessary for career development in future.

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    Special Course in MS Office & Accounting : ATSS/04

    Best Short Term Computer Courses in Kolkata after Class X / Class XII Board Exam
    • Course Duration: 8 Weeks
    • Eligibility: Appeared 10th /12th Board exam
    • MS Office & Accounting course covers Fundamentals of Computer, Operating System Management – Windows, Ms-Office (Word, Excel & PowerPoint), Accounts
    • Future prospect: Data Entry Operator, Accountant, Front & Back Office Executive. This course necessary for various jobs

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    Special Course in Social Media Management : ATSS/05

    Best Short Term Computer Courses in Kolkata after Class X / Class XII Board Exam
    • Course Duration: 8 Weeks
    • Eligibility: Appeared 10th /12th Board exam
    • Social Media Management Course Module covers the strategy to promote media online via the most popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn etc.
    • Future prospect: Social Media Expert, SEO Specialist, SEO Consultant.

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    Special Course in Web Designing : ATSS/02

    Best Short Term Computer Courses in Kolkata after Class X / Class XII Board Exam
    • Course Duration: 8 Weeks
    • Eligibility: Appeared 10th /12th Board exam
    • Web Designing Course module covers Concepts on Internet, Protocols, Browsers, Domain names & hosting, HTML, CSS, Java Script, Implementation using Web designing tools. and maintenance of websites etc.
    • Future prospect: Web Designer, UI Designer, UX Designer, Front-end Developer.

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    Special Course in Programming Language : ATSS/04

    Best Short Term Computer Courses in Kolkata after Class X / Class XII Board Exam
    • Course Duration: 8 Weeks
    • Eligibility: Appeared 10th /12th Board exam
    • Students will be learned about the computer programs from this course module. Computer Programming Language courses covers the programming language like C, Database, C, HTML, PHP, JavaScript etc.
    • Future prospect:Computer Programmer, Software Developer, Web Developer.

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    Special Course in Graphic Designing : ATSS/01

    Best Short Term Computer Courses in Kolkata after Class X / Class XII Board Exam
    • Course Duration: 8 Weeks
    • Eligibility: Appeared 10th /12th Board exam
    • Graphics Designing course covers the course module of logo design, Corporate identity card, Brochure Design, Flyer Design, Leaflet Design calendar design etc in best possible way and the procedure of brand building by powerful creativity.
    • Future prospect: UI Designer, UX Designer, Graphic Designer, Visual Artist

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    Several Computer institutes across India are offering best of short term computer courses. Since course duration is less, so it will be possible to complete these course module before rejoin the school for your next session. So after board examination students can explore their skill sets within vacation. Course duration and course module will vary in various institutes. But students will have to choose the appropriate short term courses according their passion, imagination and creativity before getting admission in institutes.

    Here we have discussed best Short Term Computer Courses and it’s career options. After completion advanced version of these courses, students will get lucrative jobs.

    Further if anyone wish to learn more about Webs Design, SEO/SMO or any other advance module, they can take ADVANCE WEB DESIGN TRAINING, DIGITAL MARKETING CERTIFICATION / ADVANCE SEO TRAINING & other short-term courses form AWTIM.

    Top 10 Digital Marketing Training Institutes in Kolkata

    Here is the list of Top 10 Digital Marketing Institutes Operating in Kolkata:

    Digital Marketing is the method for the promotion of products or services using digital media. Top Digital Marketing Training Institutes can provide the best Digital Marketing Training to implement the digital marketing strategies. In today’s world, digital marketing accelerates the business growth in short period of time. Internet has enabled the endless opportunities of business. While the numbers of internet-users are increasing at exponential rate, then digital marketing is the platform by which the business accelerates  by acquiring the targeted audience through online.  Most of the companies implements digital marketing strategies to increase business growth right now. There are huge job vacancy for digital marketer in IT industry right now.

    This is a field that’s ever-changing and engaging, there’s always something new to learn. If you want to grab this career direction, then you will need to get digital marketing training. There are many digital marketing institutes in Kolkata from where you can pursue the courses.

    Here is the list of top 10 digital marketing institutes in Kolkata based on their quality of training and placement assistance.

    #1. Institute Name: Digital Vidya   

    Digital Vidya is the leading digital marketing institute. It offers customized digital marketing and analytics training programs. The training is provided by industry experienced trainers.

    #2. Institute Name: AWTIM

    Academy of Web Technologies & Information Management (AWTIM) is a premier Institute for Digital Marketing Certification / SEO Training in Kolkata. It offers job-oriented course designed by industry experts.  It provides high-standard training  in small batches from experienced IT experts. Students will have doubt clearing and practical season that can enrich their concepts and hands-on experience respectively. After completion the classroom training, students will get the opportunity to work on Live project will make more exposure on practical ground and ready to be absorbed in the industry . The institute provide 100% placement assistance. It offers affordable digital marketing training courses in Kolkata where students get flexible payment methods. Continue reading »

    Career Option in Web Design & Digital Marketing after Graduation

    It doesn’t matter whatever your stream in graduation. You can get the attractive job in IT industry by doing job-oriented certification course. huge job opportunities along with all growth of prospects for aspirants in IT industry. Training on Web Design, Digital Marketing, Web Development, Mobile application etc. by which you can build bright career in future.

    The unemployment rate is higher for young generation in day by day. The desired job which you are hoping after completion your graduation degree, these might not be there. Some of you may have engineering degree but they are not getting right job. Some of you can’t choose the right career path. These kind of job problem are most commonly faced dilemmas. Don’t worry. Here we discussed the best career option after completion graduation in difficult job market.

    Few years ago, there were no option to work in IT industry rather than pursuing any degree/PGDCA course. So someone who was interested to work in IT industry, they had not get any chance to work in IT except pursuing degree. They were not make their desired career at that point of time.

    But now-a-days, The situation has been changed. Today in technology era, it doesn’t matter whatever your stream in graduation. You can get attractive job in IT industry after completion graduation in any stream. There are various short-term certificate job-oriented course in Web design, Web Development, Digital Marketing and Mobile Application training which will rise vast job opportunities.

    Before you choose the best career option after completion graduation , you need to know the growth prospects, availability of jobs, work requirements etc of that field. There are short term job-oriented courses i.e. Web Design, Digital Marketing, Web Development, Mobile Applications etc by which you can build the bright career in future with respect of growth prospective and job availability. Web conducts the every business globally. online presence on web plays significant role for every business. So it has huge demand in competitive market. Have a look the list of courses to make right career option.

    Web Design

    Web design is a process of planning and creation perfectly through some discipline in procedures and website structure. It encompasses a wide variety of tasks. It includes client requirement analysis, information architecture, user interface, site structure, layout creation, conversion from UX/UL tools to HTML etc. There are many web design training institutes in Kolkata. You will choose the institute where you will get best facility to learn. If you want to take basic web design training, you will gone through Professional Web Design Training Course in Kolkata. It covers basic web design concept i.e. basic layout concept, color theory, webpage coding using HTML/CSS, PSD to HTML conversion of web template using Div formats and CSS, basics of Java Script and form validation, basics of JQuery etc. After completion the certification course you will enable to join in IT company as Web Designer, UI Designer, UX Designer. If you want to learn from basic to advance technology in web design, you must go for Advance Web Design Training Course in Kolkata. This course structure has been designed from basic layer concept, basic of Java Script, JQuery to Responsive and Bootstrap concept. There are many career option in Advance Web Design Training course. After completion this course one can join as Web Design Team Leader, Web Design Analyst, UX/UI Developer in IT company. Even this course can be effective for an entrepreneurs. After doing this course they can build and manage their own website. A experienced Professional Web designer who have vast knowledge in web designing but they have not knowledge in advance web design technologies like Responsive and Bootstrap, they would gone through Responsive & Bootstrap Training Course in Kolkata. This course covers responsive and bootstrap techniques and implementation. Responsive web design changes the appearance of a website dynamically, depending on the screen size of the device like laptops, Smartphone etc. and bootstrap is popular web framework for developing mobile first projects on the web. It makes web development faster and easier. After completion this course you will build your career as Bootstrap Designer, Bootstrap Framework Expertise, Web Engineer.

    “When you join the training institute for Web Design Training Courses, you must aware the facilities of LIVE PROJECT TRAINING”

    Digital Marketing

    Online presence on web plays important role for every business in the competitive market. Digital marketing is such field which is rising huge opportunity of digital marketing jobs. Digital Marketing is most important strategy in marketing anymore. So every organization needs to improve online presence in search engine and bring success in your business. So it has huge demand in competitive market. There are many digital marketing training institutes in Kolkata. But you must aware the extra facilities in digital marketing training of institutes before join the course. If you want to take basic SEO training, you will gone through Organic SEO Training Program in Kolkata. Here the course is covered from organic SEO strategies, on page and off page, local business optimization, SMM to Google Analytics concepts. In this course module you will get vast knowledge of organic SEO strategy. After completion the course you will join as SEO Executive, SEO Analyst in IT company. If you take from basic to advance SEO techniques, you would gone through Advance SEO training in Kolkata. This Advance SEO training course module is structured including organic SEO technique, onpage & offpage optimization, Google Adwords and Social Media Marketing like Facebook Marketing, Twitter Marketing, LinkedIn Marketing, paid tools for SEO campaign etc. You can get enormous knowledge about how to display ad in search engine, social media profile, set up of paid campaign tool etc. After completion this SEO training program you can join as SEO Specialist, SEO Analyst, Digital Marketing Specialist, Online Marketing Consultant in a company. After completion the course module you will get the opportunity of Google certification. The experienced SEO professionals who does not have enough knowledge about Google/Facebook Ad , they can join Google/Facebook Ad Training Program. After completion the course you can get Google certification program. After completion the SEO program you can get many career option like SEO Specialist, Digital Marketing Specialist, Online Marketing Consultant.

    “When you join The training institute for Digital Marketing Training Courses, you must aware the facilities of GOOGLE CERTIFICATION ”

    Web Development

    Web development broadly refers to developing and an maintaining websites for hosting. It is basically coding which enables the functionally of the site. You can take web development training in open source language like PHP, Python etc and JAVA. There are a huge work opportunities across India in opensource based projects. Now PHP is becoming most popular open source language. Before doing web development training course you must have programming knowledge in any language. If you want to take Web development training in basic PHP, you can go for Professional PHP Training in Kolkata. This course modules covers HTML concept with PHP programming. After completion this certification course you can join as PHP Developer or Web Developer in IT company. If you want to take basic to Advance technology in PHP you will gone though Advance PHP Training in Kolkata. This course module covers core PHP programming to wordpress , Ecommerce site development, Shopping Cart, Payment Gateway Integration etc. Here the job-oriented course module is designed in such way which will enriched the programming knowledge of students and they can perform their work successfully after completion this course. After completion this training program they have lot of career option like Web programmer , Web Developer Expert, Web Manager, Web Consultant , Senior Programmer, Programmer Analyst, Software Developer etc. The experienced Web developer who have not sufficient knowledge in Ecommerce site development or payment gateway integration , they can take expert-led training course in Kolkata. It covers ecommerce module, Shopping Cart, payment gateway integration, Introduction to PHP Framework –CodeIgniter, Yii, Laravel etc. There are lot of career option doing this course like Web Consultant, Web Manager, Senior programmer analyst and many more. Apart from that, there are immense career option in IT industry after doing certification course in Magento, Python, .NET and JAVA Development Training.

    “When you join The training institute for Web Development Training Courses, you must aware the facilities to work in “ LIVE PROJECT TRAINING”

    Mobile Application Development

    Mobile Application Development is a process by which application software is developed for mobile devices. Now-a-days, there are immense job opportunities in mobile application development. You can learn in mobile application form training institute. There are many mobile application training institute in Kolkata. But before joining mobile application development training program , you must have knowledge in JAVA programming. If you can take Android Training Courses in Kolkata

    If you want to take mobile application development training in android, you will go for Android Training Courses in Kolkata. This course modules cover Android architecture, Android Application Fundamentals, User Interface, Data Storage, Android Media API etc. You will get vast knowledge about android application development. You will build bright career after completion this certification course. Today it has enormous career option in mobile application development like Mobile Engineer in Android, Android Developer, Mobile Platform Developer, Senior Mobile Application Developer etc.

    How you will decide what you want to do after graduation? It depends on your interest and job scope in the competitive job market. These career options are being taken in maximum number of aspirants across India. These career options have huge job opportunity in worldwide in tough job-market. Here in this article, we have tried to enlist the best possible career options for you after graduation in IT. If you have any queries about job-oriented course in IT or training institute you can contact us at info@awtim.com / info.awtim@gmail.com or call us at 8013510101 / 8961235337

    Why you need SEO Training from an expert digital marketing trainer

    The selling Renaissance man is alive and well, however tool kits square measure increasing. Marketers should be able to drive traffic to websites and that they would like SEO to try to it.

    Enter SEO coaching. It’s a bridge that has got to be crossed that the solely things left to think about square measure wherever to review, what to review and from whom to review.

    Where to Study: In Person or Online Training

    The choice between on-line or in-person coaching depends on most well-liked learning vogue. In-person SEO coaching is best for folks that need an additional interactive expertise or dedicated time to review. Like learning a language, it is easier to form time and focus with somebody sitting across from you.

    Sometimes flexibility is additional major factor. Online training might be best for someone who needs to understand SEO by next week or has to contend with a busy schedule.

    What to Study: what’s SEO?

    The goal of any SEO coaching ought to be to run away with the resources to optimize a small- to mid-sized web site for search and craft a basic strategy for audience growth.  For the optimisation facet, notice a course that answers these queries.

    • What is SEO or Internet Marketing or Digital Marketing?
    • How do search engines crawl and rank the websites?
    • What is keyword research?
    • What is On-Page and Off-Page?
    • What square measure the free analysis tools and the way square measure they used?
    • Where ought to keywords be placed on a website?
    • How do links influence SEO?
    • How will a website’s design influence SEO?

    Optimizing a web site to play nicely with search engines are that the 1st and most significant role of any SEO skilled. However that’s simply the start. After completing your training, you should also be able to expand the reach of your website and brand. For that responsibility, the course should answer these queries.

    • What is link building?
    • What is internal linking and link bait?
    • What could be a content strategy?
    • How do social media influence SEO?

    Training that addresses these problems ought to give a solid foundation in SEO. Even the fundamentals from AWTIM course will take a web site from nothing to one thing that could be a larger step than it would appear. It’s wonderful what optimized Meta knowledge and some technical corrections are able to do.

    From Whom to Study: Find expert digital marketing trainer

    There is lots of SEO trainer out there and finding the right one might be the hardest part of the process. For higher or worse, there’s not one method for SEO. Sure, the general public approach the fundamentals equally; however everybody has their own processes and priorities. Apart from the apparent, like value and proximity, it’s continually a decent plan to appear at name. Here square measure some final inquiries to rise.

    • Is the trainer experienced?
    • Does the trainer have an honourable shopper list?
    • Does the course give theory and active practice?

    Don’t be afraid to raise the queries all of them. You finance in your career and want to seek out the most effective potential match. If you’re thinking that that in-person coaching is that the right alternative and live inside driving distance of province, raise America some queries and take into account AWTIM. Your career cans many thanks.

    SEO Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers

    • What is SEO?
      Answer – It is the method of changing the rank of a web page or a website in the search results of a search engine.
    • What are the Types of SEO?
      Answer – There are mainly two types of SEO are present: On Page Optimization and Off Page Optimization.
    • What is Off Page Optimization?
      Answer – Off Page Optimization is a type of SEO which is not regulated by your page coding. Link building, Image Sharing, Blog posting, Document Sharing, Info graphics submission, Video Sharing, Increasing Page Authority or Page Rank, Getting high quality links from relevant sites and Article submission are the few examples of Off-page optimization.
    • What is On Page Optimization?
      Answer – On-page optimization gives outcome to a web page or website ranking on Search Engine Results Page. This will regulate your webpage by page coding or by you.
    • What are the SEO Techniques available?
      Answer – Two SEO Techniques are: White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO which is also called as Negative SEO.
    • What are organic results?
      Answer – Organic results are the page views which come directly via SERP and not from any Off Page Optimization.
    • What is a keyword?
      Answer – Keyword is a particular term used for searching through Search Engines like Google in order to get outcomes related to your searched question.
    • What is Keyword Density?
      Answer – It is a very important factor to increase your webpage ranking. Keyword density is the percentage density of a particular phrase or keyword available on a website compared to the total number of words on the particular page.
    • What is Anchor Text?
      Answer – Anchor text is also known as link text or link label or link title, which is a clickable hyperlink. This is used to increase your webpage ranking by receiving the incoming links after clicking the contained keyword.
    • What is a Meta Tag?
      Answer – You can observe many Meta tags being used in HTML coding, but the important ones are the four Meta tags. They are: Meta Title, Meta Keywords, Meta Description and Robot tags.
    • What are the limitations of title and description tags?
      Answer – Title tag can be normally between 50-68 characters and Meta description tag can be around 140 – 150 characters.
    • What is an out bound Link?
      Answer – An outgoing link or outbound-link is a link from your own webpage or website to another webpage or website.
    • What is a Back link?
      Answer – Back links are the incoming links to your webpage or website and getting these back links from good PR and relevant site is always better for your site.
    • What is 301 redirect?
      Answer – It is a kind of process to redirect the user from an old page URL to a new page URL.
    • What is robots.txt?
      Answer – It is a kind of text file utilized to provide the instructions to the crawlers about the caching and indexing of a website, directory, domain or a file of a webpage.
    • What are webmaster tools?
      Answer – It is a free service provided by the Google to get the information about the indexing data, backlinks, search queries, crawl problems, malware complaints and XML site map.
    • What do you mean by Page Rank or PR?
      Answer – For every web page, Google will give a rank, which is called as Page rank. Normally page rank ranges from 0 – 10. Google Web Search Engine algorithm is responsible for calculating the page rank of every web page.
    • What tools do you use for doing SEO?
      Answer – Most common tools used in SEO are: Google Analytics, Google webmaster tools, Alexa, Open site explorer and Website grader. Nowadays you can also find some paid SEO tools like spydermate, seo Moz and bulkdachecker in market.
    • What is Google Sandbox?
      Answer – This is the place where the fresh and less authoritative sites were kept for a certain time period, till their establishment in the search results. This may happens due to the building of so many links within a short time span.
    • What is Google bot?
      Answer – Googlebot is a kind of software used by the Google as a search bot to index a webpage. This software collects the information from every webpage by doing the crawling, caching and then indexing of a webpage.
    • What are the signs of overall good performance of website which search engine loves?
      Answers – Returning visitors, good conversion rate and click through rate and socially share or not.
    • What are the difference between SEO and SEM ?
      Answer –
      A – SEO – Improving rank of web pages naturally for a keyword.
      B – SEM – When we buy paid traffic or paid listing in any search engine.
    • Which are popular websites you will use for social media optimization?
      Answer – Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram, You tube etc.
    • What are the seo activities list you will do if i give you new website for optimization?
      Answer – I will perform all the must have activities like:
      A – Keyword research to find search term with low competition and high traffic keywords.
      B – On page optimization of our found on our web pages to make them search friendly.
      C – I will create quality back links or link building for off page optimization.
      D – I will do social media optimization to improve social signals and getting social media traffic
    • What are some external but important factors which affects ranking?
      Answer – These factors are bounce rate, page views per visit, time spent on the site and returning visitors.
    • What content strategy you will apply to add more quality in your website?
      Answers – Content must have quality information, good structured and properly inter linked from related pages and use of eye catching images for grabbing attention.
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