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Weekend Special Complete Web Designing Training Course in Kolkata

Weekend Special Complete Web Designing Training Course in Kolkata

Weekend Special Complete Web Designing Training Course in Kolkata:

This weekend special complete web design course structure has designed as per students requirements. This web designing course is specially for thsoe who don’t have time to learn on weekdays or need some early training for enhancing career in web designing. The Special Complete Web Designing Training Course includes introduction to web page design, concepts of graphic tools, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Media Query, responsive & bootstrap etc. Our technical faculties are providing support and valuable guidance with practical tools. Students will get Live Project Training opportunities after completion the courses.

As one of the best web design training institute in Kolkata, AWTIM provides in-depth practical and theoretical training. Weekend Special Complete Web Designing Training Course in Kolkata helps to build lucrative career in IT industry. There are immense career option like Web Design Analyst, Web Design Team Leader, UI/UX Developer and many more for web design job. To know more details, check below.

Career Option: Web Design Team Leader, Web Design Analyst, UX/UI Developer.

Course Duration

  • Course Duration: 4 months.

Eligibility Criteria

10+2 pass (Graduation Preferable)

Course Speciality

1-month Research-based Internship

Special Complete Web Designing Training Course Structure:

Module 1: Introduction to Web Design

    1. Introduction of web design
    2. Web design tools concept
    3. Logo, business collaterals, basic layout concept
    4. Requirement of design
    5. Aspect of business layout
    6. Color theory in Creative design
    7. Concept of personal & Corporate Websites
    8. Concepts of Ecommerce Websites
    9. Concepts of Blogging Website
    10. Designing and implementing branding strategies
    11. Basic layout concept
    12. Website layout creation using UX/UI tools

Module 2: Implementation of HTML

    1. Introduction to HTMLCoding (Html/CSS/JavaScript)
    2. Concept about HTML tags and Implementation
      • HTML : Structure
      • HTML :  Attributes
      • HTML : Text & Lists
      • HTML : Links & Images
      • HTML : Tables
      • HTML : Forms
      • HTML : Embed Multimedia
      • HTML : Header
    3. HTML: Tag Reference
    4. Mock up to HTML Conversion

Module 3: Styling Website with CSS

    1. CSS Introduction
    2. CSS Types & Syntax
    3. CSS Attributes
      • CSS Colors
      • CSS Backgrounds
      • CSS Borders
      • CSS Margin & Padding
      • CSS Classification
      • CSS Dimensions & Positioning

Module 4: JavaScript for Web Design

    1. Concept about JavaScript (JS)?
    2. JavaScript Syntax & Datatypes
    3. JavaScript Variables & its uses
    4. JavaScript Reserved Words
    5. JavaScript Operators
    6. JavaScript Logics ( if-else, switch, for etc)
    7. JavaScript Functions
    8. JavaScript Events & Cookies
    9. JavaScript Objects

Module 5: Intro to Advanced Web Design

    1. Concept of New age Web Design
    2. Static & Dynamic Web Design
    3. Different types of Dynamic Websites
    4. Concepts of Database
    5. Domain Name registration – Know How
    6. Website Hosting – Know How
    7. Website Standardizations

Module 6: Website Designing with HTML5

    1. HTML5- Overview , Syntax & Attributes
    2. HTML5- Web Forms 2.0 & Events
    3. HTML5- SVG & Canvas
    4. HTML5- Audio & Video
    5. HTML5- Microdata
    6. HTML5- Geo Location

Module 7: Styling with CSS3

    1. CSS3 – Rounded Corner & Border Images
    2. CSS3 – Multi Background & Color
    3. CSS3 – Gradients & Shadow
    4. CSS3 – Text & Web font
    5. CSS3 – 2d & 3d transform
    6. CSS3 – Animation
    7. CSS3 – Multi columns
    8. CSS3 – User Interface & Box Sizing

Module 8: jQuery for Web Designing

    1. Concept & use of jQuery
    2. Local Installation of jQuery
    3. Different types of jQuery Library
    4. Installation of jQuery Slider
    5. Installation of jQuery lightbox for images, videos, YouTube, iframes.

Module 9: Responsive Web Design

    1. Fundamental concept about responsive webpage design (RWD)
    2. RWD – Viewport
    3. RWD – Grid View
    4. RWD – Media Queries
    5. RWD – Break Points
    6. RWD – Images
    7. RWD – Videos
    8. RWD – Frameworks
    9. RWD – Templates

Module 10: Training in Bootstrap

  1. Download latest version of Bootstrap, Install and configure Bootstrap Grid System
  2. Creating rows and columns. Creating cells with the grid system.
  3. Making Responsive using Bootstrap
  4. Use bootstrap classes for content, images and Bootstrap components
  5. Use inbuilt components like navigation, breadcrumbs, paginations, icons, etc.  Jquery with Bootstrap

Module 11: CMS, Browser Compatibility & Validation

    1. Introduction about different web browsers
    2. Working with CMS (WordPress, PHP)
    3. Website testing in different browsers
    4. W3C Validation

Module 12: Live Projects

1 month mandatory research based Internship on Live Project.)

Who can take “Weekend Special Complete Web Designing Training Course in Kolkata?

  • Who wants to build career in Web Design or UI/UX development. Fresher or Experienced individual, both can attend this course.
  • Professionals from SEO/Digital Marketing.
  • Small/Medium Scale company owner/business man.
  • 10+2 students, Graduates, Under-Graduates in any discipline who are seeking Web Design Jobs in Kolkata and outside.
  • Graphic Designer / Illustrator
  • Application Developer/Programmer.
  • Any individual who wants to earn as a freelance web designer by work from home.

Why Choose AWTIM for Website Design Training?

  • Teach by experienced website designers from IT industry.
  • Best ever web design study material (Books, PDFs, Videos).
  • One-to-One learning.
  • Flexible timings – no need to join in batches.
  • Step by step tutorial system from Basic to Advance Course.
  • The course is designed for freshers to professionals.
  • Lots of doubt clearing session as and when needed.
  • 100% job assistance.
  • 24 X 7 live support available for our students
  • Flexible payment methods – Installment payment facility available.
  • 100% Live and Practical Project
  • Small Batch Sizes
  • Regular Quality Check-Up.
  • Internet Facility
  • 100% Job Oriented courses.

While Academy of Web Technologies & Information Management (AWTIM) is currently based in Kolkata, rated as Top Website Design Training Institute, but we are inviting all the students or job seekers in this field from all around the India. There are so many successful candidates from Kolkata, Siliguri, Asansol, Durgapur, Howrah, Bardhaman, Cuttack, Orissa, Gangtok, Malda, Patna, Ranchi and Others places got their Web Design Training and started their career in this field as successful individual.

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